Thursday, July 23, 2015

6 Ways to Create a Positive Online Image for Your Small Business (Part 2)

Last week, in part 1, we talked about why it is so important to build a positive online presence –and ways to keep it that way.   This week in part 2, we focus on how to create a positive online image for your small businesses. 

Consider this:

78.6% of everyone in North America is online and 62% of those people are using the internet to conduct research. They could be researching you or your company!   

And 90% Of Customers Say Buying Decisions Are Influenced By Online Reviews. That means that 9 out of 10 decisions your customers make are being influenced by what other people write online! Think about that for a minute …that is huge for your business! 

Your customers are using the internet to find you, if you had an opportunity to change and manage the way you look online, would you do it? Why leave your reputation unguarded?
Here are just a few ways to reclaim your online image and grow your business:

1         1. Google your name and business name. 

See what people are saying about you. Read the reviews and really look into what people are posting. You can use an app such as Social Life Management to find where your business is mentioned so you can keep track of your brand in real time. Ready to see how you are trending online? Use SLM to access deep analytics and customizable reports on every interaction. 

2. Make accounts on: Yelp, Google+, Twitter, Facebook – and monitor them.

Also don’t forget platforms such as Etsy, Pintrest, and Instagram (and where ever your customer’s post about you) to be able to reply to these reviews and questions. With Social Life Management you can create, monitor, and manage 15 or more Social Media & Blog accounts for each user profile, such as page streams, keyword monitoring, scheduled posting and more – all from one account Dashboard. 

3. What can be done about negative reviews?

Negative reviews, without some type of response from you, is as bad as not being able to get a customer service representative on the phone. In fact it’s worse -because everyone can read the complaint! 

The internet is where customers go to vent -it’s no longer possible for you to sit back and be passive. It’s time to respond to negative reviews in a constructive way whenever possible. You can use SLM to mitigate negative material through content creation, SEO tools, and/or legal action if necessary.

SLM can also provides tools for link suppression, public record removal, press release writing and distribution, content creation, online name identification and acquisition and private consultation services

4. Clean up outdated information, broken links, and old phone numbers

Remove: broken links, images that are not useful, and update your information on Google such as location, phone number, store hours, and other vital information that customers are searching for.

5. Content, Content, Content.
One way to engage with your customers is to post topics of interest. This can include articles that add value by: educating, entertaining, or communicating with your customers. Help build your brand by engaging with your followers about your products and services. Tell them something fun, interesting, or useful that they will want to be a part of! Share fresh ideas with them – let them know what makes your company unique. 

6. Get Help!

Social media management can be a daunting task to tackle on your own. With several accounts to keep up with, responding to questions, creating new content – all while running your business is a massive undertaking! Social Life Management is a multi-posting social media platform that combines all of your social profiles in one application


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