Monday, July 13, 2015

People Are Searching for You Online! - Part 1 of Series

Dear Job Seekers, Singles, and Small Business Owners: 

People are Searching for You Online! 

There are some very compelling reasons why it’s absolutely necessary to monitor and improve your online image these days.  

Most people have “Googled” a friend, family member, or coworker for fun – but what if the information you found wasn’t what you expected to see?

“Facebook Stalking” your Ex might be harmless, but let’s say for instance your boss is searching for you - and it costs you your job? While there are still murky legal issues surrounding what a current or potential employer can do with the information they find, it won’t stop them from looking you up right now – and possibly acting on what they see!

And because we love statistics, there are several relevant studies available which bring home just how important it is to: see, own, manage, and improve your image online.

According to an Infographic from Staff.com3 out of 4 hiring managers and recruiters check candidates’ social profiles (even if they are not provided!). 

1 out of 3 employers rejected candidates based on something they found in social profiles. has a few more Juicy Stats that should raise the paranoia alarms:

34% of hiring managers who currently research candidates on social media said they’ve found information that negatively impacted their hiring decisions.

65% of hiring managers are checking social media to see whether the candidate presents himself/herself professionally.

So go ahead – search for your name in Google. 

Do you like what you see? Are there other people with your same name, who aren’t exactly bright and shining models of society? Did you find an old picture from your college days that would have definitely lowered your GPA? Have your divorce and/or legal issues been paraded about online like the topic of a daytime talk show for the entertainment of others?

The good news is that now you can do something about it! 

First, do what you can and delete or change the privacy settings on all of the Net “No-No’s,” such as images of yourself drinking at parties or offensive, angry rants. 

Then get serious about protecting your online presence by checking out your Social Life Score™ for free. 

Lastly, fine tune the results to begin taking charge of your online image and what other people can see.

Social Life Management is a brand new app that will help you take control of your online identity so you can:

  •         Get the Job You Want
  •         Go on the Date You Want
  •         Own your Name and Accounts
  •         Clean up your Image
  •         Monitor when People Mention You – so you can have a say too!

There is usually a silver lining, and Career Builder states:

29% of hiring managers said some discoveries have led to them extending a candidate an offer.

How about that? There is always an opportunity to improve your chances for success!

Now really IS the time to make your social media profiles and Google search results shine. See what you can do with Social Life Management with a FREE 14-day trial.

Thanks for reading Part 1 of our series, which focused on how Social Life Management can help people like you See, Own, Manage, and Improve your Online Image. Stay tuned for more to come soon!

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