Tuesday, August 11, 2015

People are Searching For Your Name Online. Protect Your Reputation!

Did you know that YOUR NAME is really your own personal brand? Everyone is searching    for your first and last name online, this includes: your family, employers, and customers. Big companies spend a lot of time and effort to keep their name, image, and brand in a positive light. Large companies have teams of people working to shape and mold their public image.

How does this relate to you? Well, people are not just looking up companies anymore. They are searching for you! The good news is that you also have help to monitor your brand, it’s an app called Social Life Management. Think of Social Life Management as your own personal public relations team that has your back and keeps your reputation safe. SLM gives you the tools you need in one convenient platform to manage and monitor your most important brand: YOU!
Don’t worry if you have not thought about your own name as your brand before. Many people are starting to think in these terms because according to the Denver Post, “Of the 75% of U.S. adults who Google themselves, nearly half say the results aren’t positive.” 
Large companies do not leave their online image or brand unattended and neither should you! They know that their customers are searching for them and they rely on having a positive online image to continue selling their products. With this in consideration, monitoring your own name online (your brand) becomes extremely important and even necessary for your livelihood!

Don’t leave it up to the internet to decide how you look in online searches, take control of your online image with Social Life Management’s14-day free trial today!