Thursday, November 12, 2015

Use Facebook and Twitter searches to find and share great content!


Social Life Management’s Social Engine has several features that help you search for mentions and content to help you monitor what people are saying about your brand or business, and new content on topics related to your interests or your business. This aids you in building social media engagement with current followers and attracts new followers as well.  

These features give you the kind of information that helps you see relevant pieces of content related to your interests posted on social media that you can share or comment on. You can pick your areas of interest by searching for specific interests, words, or hashtags. Once set, your interests will be automatically updated with fresh content that you can use to engage with your audience with our one click sharing feature.

Our live search feature allows you to quickly search Twitter and Facebook for public mentions of keywords and hashtags quickly.

How does this work?

Let’s say you work for a marketing company and your client suggests that doing a campaign with a celebrity spokesman. The appeal of certain celebrities and can change rapidly. Our social media monitoring tool is a great way to quickly determine how the public is feeling about that celebrity based on social media mentions of him or her. This applies to any search term and hashtag you choose.

Using our live search feature is as simple as adding the chosen celebrity’s name, and then clicking to search Twitter or Facebook. You can easily determine whether the celebrity the client MUST have is “in” or is “out” with the interests of the campaign’s target audience.

There are so many ways this quick and free feature can be utilized, so start using it today!

Looking for things that are currently trending instead of your own interests is so simple, we also display hashtags that are currently trending globally. In addition, you can find hashtags that are trending for a particular country in the compose box.

If you regularly check trending hashtags, you can use those currently popular hashtags by adding them to your messages. You can also create messages around them to get involved and encourage engagement. This also makes your posts highly relevant to what’s currently being talked about on social media.
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